Axia Tohum

Our mission, in Axia Tohum, is to develop high performing varieties that creates value to our customers.

Therefore, we are completely dedicated to develop our varieties by apply-ing the Iatest breeding techniques including intensive use of molecular markers and other breeding technologies, and by extensively trialling our new hybrids before commercialization. Our offer includes several vegetables crops with a major focus on toma-toes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant and squash.

Each hybrid is develop with unique set of characteristics and resistances able to fit specific climatic conditions, cropping techniques and consumers expectations.Our seeds are professionally produce and tested in labs and in nurseries in order to assure a high germination quality level.We are committed to a continuous improvement of our professionalism and services in order to be a reliable partner of our customers and to contribute effectively to the success of their business. 

Every day we: 

* listen to our customers, as we believe this is fundamental to create and develop products able to meet their needs and expectations;

* continuously investing in plant breeding by applying the latest technologies;

* trialing and probe our varieties in the major vegetables production areas;

* constantly develop the competencies and skills of our employees. 

We are proud to offer you and provide you with our experience, our products and our professionalism: value for your business is our mission.